Friday, January 20, 2012

Haiya BidDoa in

Again we are in the news. Part of the hype-ing up the NEF-AWANI Awards event which Haiya BidDoa is running for the Best Animation Category.

The competition co-organised by NEF and ASTRO AWANI, will announce the winner by the 12th February 2012. 25% of the marks are by online voting, which, we are leading by just 4% at the moment.

So, if you have not clicked news up there, do it here..!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Best Animation Category

Haiya BidDoa is now in running for the Best Animation/Games category in the NEF-AWANI 2011 award. With 2 other finalist, Haiya BidDoa is now leading the internet polls by a mare 5%. Do vote for us through your face book... please..

Internet polling results is only 25% of the total marks. Vote for us and wish us luck.

The final 5 titles / company was called to pitch some weeks ago and results of the top 3 was release through ASTRO AWANI news days after. We were trilled to be one of the 3 finalist. So, again. Vote for us.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Dubai Character Fair 2011

The Dubai Character Fair 2011, the 4th edition, was bigger than last years. Tulus Fikir Animation, participating for the 3rd time, came in with only one main product to sell - Haiya BidDoa..! Tagging along our Chief Executive was our young art director.

Haiya BidDoa, is a one minute capsule teaching children on daily Doa. Having 40 episodes of these ready (almost) and fresh from the oven, Haiya BidDoa gets a lot of inquiries. So much so that lunch for the Tulus Team was at 5pm.

Zara & Habib, the blood of Haiya BidDoa was attractive, we suppose - as a lot of people was asking for these pictures.

"Not that we do not want to give them but that would leave this (the walls) blank!" says mr young art director.

Haiya BidDoa was well received in Dubai Character Fair 2011. People smile at our buntings and took the flyers willingly. We are hoping, we are making Doa, that this would lead to confirm sales and distribution in the MENA region.

Business days were busy.

We were proud of our national costume just as our clients.

Dato' Zul of Matrade, visiting and supporting us.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

InsyaAllah - Dubai Character Fair

Insya Allah Dubai International Character and Licensing Fair 2011 will be held from the 30th November till 2nd December 2011. detail?

I am guessing that if Malaysia where to have this event, it will have an orang utan as the maskot. But not going on about that, Tulus Fikir Animation will be there. In Dubai. Again. 3rd time around. Hence the promotion. This time our booth will be mended by Zubir our CEO together with Habib and Zara of Haiya Biddoa.

"This time around its going to be Haiya BidDoa," says Zubir. "Its going to be Zara and Habib all around, nothing else."

So, make Dua. And wait for us there.